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People of Panem! We fight, we dare, we end our hunger for the Hunger Games world. This is a blog of head canons dedicated to filling in the gaps to Suzanne Collins' trilogy.

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158. When Peeta and Katniss visited District 11 during their Victory Tour, a man in the audience was shot by two peacekeepers. All he did was salute the Victor’s courage with the District 12 sign for goodbye. But to the Capitol, all he did was scream rebellion. Before Katniss and Peeta could see anything else, the pair were rushed backstage; why tell people the truth right? Two more gun shots rang out across the square and reached ears inside the Justice Building. Katniss shuddered and closed her eyes at the thought that of more innocents losing their lives because of her. Because of her actions. But actually the peacekeepers shot themselves. They were so tired of killing innocents.

submission from ljvals!

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