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I love this fandom and everyone in it!!

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153. After the Rebellion, people always felt the need to send Katniss updated and plastic bows. She received hundreds of fancy, technologically advanced arrows. She was sent new and frilly hunting coats and boots. It’s not like she didn’t have any money; she could have bought a new hunting coat, or quiver, or boots, or a bow at anytime. It’s not like she wasn’t grateful; Katniss felt gifts really were beautiful. But instead, Katniss kept her father’s bow and his homemade arrows. She still used his old quiver, and supple leather coat, and sturdy boots. She gave all the fancy gifts away since she found she had no use for them. Her old things worked, and suited her, perfectly well. And besides, they still kinda smelled like her father.

Sorry I haven’t posted in forever! You know how life can be! Don’t hate me, my noble and darling followers! xo

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