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People of Panem! We fight, we dare, we end our hunger for the Hunger Games world. This is a blog of head canons dedicated to filling in the gaps to Suzanne Collins' trilogy.

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I have too been busy of late to properly manage this blog. I am sorry and I shall miss writing terribly. One day, I will start up again but don't expect any headcanons till September. I'll miss you guys<3

I love this fandom and everyone in it!!

A note about submissions: I LOVE submissions and always try my very best to edit them into a post! BUT lately, I've been receiving way too many ones, or weird ones, or repetive ones so I shall not be posting those. Thanks for your understanding.

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just saw the movie… KJHFSWEUWIEFGWEFGJHDSGFSD! ITS PEETA PERFECT!!! I literally had a heart attack the ENTIRE time! So no head canons today, but tomorrow we’ll be back on track! And GET YOUR BUTTS OFF TUMBLR AND GO SEE THE MOVIE! love you guys<3

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