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160. Annie Cresta committed suicide the day after her son’s 20th birthday. He was all grown up. He had a job fixing boats down at the warf. He had moved out and had found an apartment with his dark haired finace. He was a good boy, very brave and strong and kind; like his father. And like his father, now he was gone. Annie’s duty to raise him as Finnick would have wished was over. And so, the morning after her son’s birthday, she walked like a phantom, head held high, into the surf and joined her Finnick. She never wavered.

kinda sad, sorry!


    159. Katniss ran forward out of the cover of the trees. It was uncharacteristic of her the trample the mossy, forest ground without her usual feline tread but this was an emergency. The promise she made to him echoed in the back of her head as she flew over a fallen log into a clearing. I have your back. Her breath was ragged and she looked wildly around her. This was where Gale’s shout of pain from she was sure so where was he? She scanned the trees and felt her heart pounding in her throat. Then she saw him, hanging from a tree by his ankle. Caught in his own snare. “Hey,” he said as Katniss moved forward laughing to cut him free.

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                Hey ya’ll! To my loyal and new followers, I am sorry to say but I cannot seem to manage this blog any longer. I am finding I am just too busy and stressed. I am sorry to all of you who have enjoyed this blog for so long. Perhaps when I find the time again, I’ll start to write once more. But if you’re looking for some awesome hunger games canons, look to . She’s pretty awesome! Xo followers <3


                  158. When Peeta and Katniss visited District 11 during their Victory Tour, a man in the audience was shot by two peacekeepers. All he did was salute the Victor’s courage with the District 12 sign for goodbye. But to the Capitol, all he did was scream rebellion. Before Katniss and Peeta could see anything else, the pair were rushed backstage; why tell people the truth right? Two more gun shots rang out across the square and reached ears inside the Justice Building. Katniss shuddered and closed her eyes at the thought that of more innocents losing their lives because of her. Because of her actions. But actually the peacekeepers shot themselves. They were so tired of killing innocents.

                  submission from ljvals!

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                    157. Pollux returned to his district after the Rebellion to find it in sheer ruins. After more than a decade of being away and after a destructive war, a lot had changed. He felt lost as he wandered to where his family’s home and store once stood. To where the local bakery once was. To where the town square was. To where his sweetheart had lived. The dream of returning home to his district and family was the light at the end of the tunnel, literally, after all those years of toil in the catacombs of the Capitol. So now, returning to this alien place, felt like all the hope had been extinguished. He walked the ghost town of rubble wanting so much to cry out to any survivors, but he knew even if he could, his attempts would be in vain. It was only when he found himself at the base of the ancient, towering oak that he felt any sense of peace. It was the tree where they had carved their names into when they were sixteen. It had managed to survive. Not only that, someone had etched under the original “P+J”. They had etched “forever”.


                      156. Finnick had never preformed CPR before he saved Peeta’s life. Sure, he watched his father revive many people who got washed in from their fishing boats on stormy days. His father remained so calm in those situations, but strong and heroic all the same. Finnick always wanted to some day be a hero in that way just like his dad. So when he saw Peeta’s lifeless body lying limp on the jungle floor, he sprung into cool, collected action. Not because he had to keep the mockingjay alive (although he supposed that was a big part of it), but rather because he wanted his father to be proud.


                        155. Katniss kept the locket with the pictures of her mother, her sister and Gale given to her by Peeta from what felt like lifetimes ago. She didn’t wear it or display it but rather kept it safe in an old ammunition tin under their bed. Peeta knew that the tin contained all the other things that were precious to her; the pearl, the parachute and the mockingjay pin. The locket caught Peeta’s attention one day as the thin gold chain was glinting in the sun as it hung from the mouth of the tin. He opened it and was surprised. The picture of Gale on the right hand side had been overlapped with another. It was a picture of him. With this knowledge, Peeta plucked up the courage to propose to Katniss. For real this time.

                        inspired by anon! :)


                          154. A couple years before the Rebellion began, Boggs’s and his wife were thrilled to conceive a second child. They had their radiant little boy but they both wanted something precious; a baby girl. They saved their ration cards for pink baby booties and smiling pink teddy bears. They would stay up all night satisfying cravings and giddily brainstorming names. Seven months in there was a complication. Both mother and her unborn girl were lost. Boggs’s just sorta shut down. Something between his brain and heart disconnected. He shut out everyone, including his young son. He just did what he was told by Coin and the rebel officials. He was just some unfeeling lacky. He was numb and submissive because it was easier than feeling something. Then Katniss Everdeen came along scared, frightened and defiant. Her fire sparked Boggs back to reality that day in District Eight. Yes, the grief of loss hit him like a wrecking ball on the hovercraft ride back but he also felt pride, adrenaline and hope. He felt alive. Now, he was committed to fighting for a better life for his son, but for Katniss Everdeen as well.


                            153. After the Rebellion, people always felt the need to send Katniss updated and plastic bows. She received hundreds of fancy, technologically advanced arrows. She was sent new and frilly hunting coats and boots. It’s not like she didn’t have any money; she could have bought a new hunting coat, or quiver, or boots, or a bow at anytime. It’s not like she wasn’t grateful; Katniss felt gifts really were beautiful. But instead, Katniss kept her father’s bow and his homemade arrows. She still used his old quiver, and supple leather coat, and sturdy boots. She gave all the fancy gifts away since she found she had no use for them. Her old things worked, and suited her, perfectly well. And besides, they still kinda smelled like her father.

                            Sorry I haven’t posted in forever! You know how life can be! Don’t hate me, my noble and darling followers! xo


                              152. Wold you believe it if I told you that Thresh was very small growing up? His grandmother claimed he was just a late bloomer ,but Thresh heard the ugly truth everyday from the boys at school. He was weak. When Thresh’s father died, it was harvesting season. There was a malfunction with some of the crop machinery. Thresh was only eleven. It was a busy time in the fields. A very, very busy time. No time, the heartless Capitol official had said his family, to sit around and mourn.  ”We need someone to replace him”, demanded the official after he bluntly delivered the heartbreaking news. So small and skinny Thresh, with tears fresh in his eyes, bravely stepped forward. Everyday, Thresh went to the fields in his father’s place; a soft boy among the hard men. The men pushed around and taunted him. They roared with laughter at this frail, young boy trying to pull a plough and struggling to lift a hoe. But the long days, grief and backbreaking labour had transforming powers and Thresh grew into a man, quickly. So when he went back to school after harvest, the bullies wondered aloud who the muscles, broad-shoulder, six-foot tall, deep voiced man was sitting in Thresh’s seat.

                              anon request!

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